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"All in all, Road Songs 2 is a colorful and consistently intriguing set that spotlights Tim Gemmill's compositions and talents as a keyboardist, growing in interest with each listen." - Scott Yanow... {full review} C&G Wikipedia

"Tim Gemmill has created a distinctive collection of tracks within Road Songs. His unique blend of synthesized instruments, take the digital era of music into a new direction." - Melissa Nastasi... {full review} ~ {more reviews}

"Timeless ranges from fusion to post-bop. There is plenty of rock and funk... some McCoy Tyner-ish moves with a healthy appreciation of European classical music." - Alex Henderson... {full review} ~ {more reviews}

"Voyage of the Mummy gets off to an intriguing start with a performance of Coltrane's "Cousin Mary," ... an enjoyable document of Rorschach's appearance at Gerdes Folk City." - Alex Henderson... {full review}

Road Songs 2 - $9.95 via PayPal® Digital Booklet (free)
(1) Proteus 2
(2) Moog...
(3) Groove On
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Road Songs - $9.95 via PayPal® Digital Booklet (free)
(1) Drone
(2) Zigzag
(3) Proteus
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Timeless - $9.95 via PayPal® Digital Booklet (free)
(1) Rock Artist
(2) Cyclops
(3) Captain Pike
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Voyage of the Mummy - $9.95 via PayPal® Digital Booklet (free)
(1) Cousin...
(2) Red Valley
(3) Intro...
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