"While Cozzetti is co-producer of Road Songs 2, as with the original Road Songs, Gemmill plays all of the instruments and wrote all but one of the songs." - Scott Yanow

"a distinctive collection of tracks within Road Songs. His unique blend of synthesized instruments, take the digital era of music into a new direction." - Melissa Nastasi

"Cozzetti & Gemmill, it should be noted, wrote the title track after seeing the King Tut exhibit at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art " - Alex Henderson

"Concerto For Padré's title track combines some McCoy Tyner-ish moves with a healthy appreciation of European classical music." - Alex Henderson

Road Songs 2
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Road Songs 2 - Album $6.93 via iTunes Road Songs 2 - Album $6.93 via iTunes
Tim Gemmill

{Proteus 2} {Moog Blues} {Groove On} {Domo Arigato} {Super Cool} {A Little Something} {Can You Read My Mind?}
Road Songs
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Road Songs - Album $9.90 via iTunes Road Songs - Album $9.90 via iTunes
{Drone} {Zigzag} {Proteus} {Pine Siskin} {Invention No.13 in A Minor} {Blues for Ralph} {Empire in Quest} {No Na Me} {Fugue} {Red Valley}
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Voyage of the Mummy - Album $9.99 via iTunes Voyage of the Mummy - Album $9.99 via iTunes
Cozzetti & Gemmill

Recorded in
NYC (1977)

{Cousin Mary} {Red Valley} {Intro to Voyage} {Voyage of the Mummy}
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Timesless - Album $9.90 via iTunes Timesless - Album $9.90 via iTunes
{For the Rock Artist} {Cyclops} {Captain Pike} {Blue Jay} {Soft Flower in Spring} {Tree Leaves} {Contemplating Raindrops} {Concerto for Padré} {Colony Four} {China}