"While Cozzetti is co-producer of Road Songs 2, as with the original Road Songs, Gemmill plays all of the instruments and wrote all but one of the songs." "Through overdubbing and expert use of such keyboards as the UltraProteus, the Memorymoog, the Prophecy, the Kawai, a drum synthesizer and inventive samplers, Tim Gemmill creates a digital orchestra." - Scott Yanow

"Tim Gemmill has created a distinctive collection of tracks within Road Songs. His unique blend of synthesized instruments, take the digital era of music into a new direction. Gemmill's music exploration on this record is honest, energetic and truly one-of-a-kind. Road Songs is crafted towards music listeners who like something a little out of the normal." - Melissa Nastasi

"Voyage of the Mummy gets off to an intriguing start with a performance of Coltrane's "Cousin Mary," and it is clear that when Rorschach took the stage at Folk City in 1977, the last thing they had in mind was emulating Coltrane's original 1959 version... the improvisers go for an approach that is closer to the modal Coltrane of 1963 and 1964." - Alex Henderson

"The material on Timeless ranges from fusion to post-bop. There is plenty of rock and funk muscle on "Captain Pike," "Blue Jay," "For the Rock Artist" and "Cyclops," whereas Cozzetti & Gemmill favor more of a post-bop approach on "Contemplating Raindrops" (which has a strong John Coltrane influence)," "Colony Four" (another Coltrane-minded offering)" - Alex Henderson

Road Songs 2

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Road Songs 2 - Album $6.93 via iTunes Road Songs 2 - Album $6.93 via iTunes
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{Proteus 2} - {Moog Blues} - {Groove On} - {Domo Arigato} - {Super Cool} - {A Little Something} - {Can You Read My Mind?}
Road Songs

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Road Songs - Album $9.90 via iTunes Road Songs - Album $9.90 via iTunes
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{Drone} - {Zigzag} - {Proteus} - {Pine Siskin} - {Invention No.13 in A Minor} - {Blues for Ralph} - {Empire in Quest} - {No Na Me} - {Fugue} - {Red Valley}
Voyage of the Mummy (2011)
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Voyage of the Mummy - Album $9.99 via iTunes Voyage of the Mummy - Album $9.99 via iTunes
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{Cousin Mary} - {Red Valley} - {Intro to Voyage} - {Voyage of the Mummy}

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Timesless - Album $9.90 via iTunes Timesless - Album $9.90 via iTunes
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{For the Rock Artist} - {Cyclops} - {Captain Pike} - {Blue Jay} - {Soft Flower in Spring} - {Tree Leaves} - {Contemplating Raindrops} - {Concerto for Padré} - {Colony Four} - {China}