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04 Aug, 2014

Meet Tim Gemmill, a unique artist paving his way in the electronic era. Recently releasing the record, Road Songs, Gemmill provides his own version of electro laced music that will intrigue the listener from the very beginning. The ten track record is a stunning collection of songs like you have never heard before. Gemmill's use of synthesizers and Memory Moogs fill Road Songs with a harmonious and delightful surprise.

Opening the album is the noteworthy piece "Drone." The longest song on the record, which clocks in at seven minutes, takes you on a musical journey, as the instruments provide the narration. Bright synthesizer pianos are prominent throughout, creating a beautiful soundscape. Up next is "ZigZag," a funky digital piece that has the feel of an old video game soundtrack. The movement of the synths ignite a stunning instrumentation which flows throughout the track.

"Proteus," takes the reigns next, creating a funky and vibrant sound on the record. Synthesizers resonate in the background, blending in nicely with the rest of the track. "Pine Siskin," became an immediate favorite on Road Songs. With the knack of a prominent soundtrack of the 1980s, the mesmerizing song will draw your attention even more so into the record. The synthesizer and Moog blend flawlessly to give the song an extra punch.

"Invention No. 13 in A Minor," is a short but sweet piece on the record, providing digital perfection. The interlude, originally by J.S. Bach, is a beautifully crafted song which brings a new life to the record. "Blues for Ralph," provides Gemmill's take on different realm, with punchy synthesizers that carry through the song. Providing his take on the Blues, or Digital Blues, if you will, the intriguing piece is one to stop and take note of.

"Empire in Quest," brings a darker element into Road Songs, with echoing tones that have the tendency to be a bit haunting. As the instrumentation reverberates, nearly every note provides an element of surprise. The album picks up again with "No Na Me," a jaunty song that is gorgeous and vibrant at the same time. Gemmill's use of the synthesizers and Moog are perfection on this track as they work together in unison harmony. "Fugue," is an elegant track that will definitely pull on your heartstrings. The melancholy song is enchanting and poignant. This is Gemmill's masterpiece. "Red Valley," closes out Road Songs, in the similar vein as how it began. The effervescent sounds linger throughout, creating a lively closing to the record. Light bongos are heard throughout, alongside synthesized vocal harmonies that prove they are unforgettable.

Tim Gemmill has created a distinctive collection of tracks within Road Songs. His unique blend of synthesized instruments, take the digital era of music into a new direction. Gemmill's music exploration on this record is honest, energetic and truly one-of-a-kind. Road Songs is crafted towards music listeners who like something a little out of the normal. Something a little different. Let your ears find Tim Gemmill's Road Songs and prepare to be whisked away.

Tim Gemmill
Road Songs
4 out of 5 Stars
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